Thursday, 19 April 2012

my yummy food~

if u know me well~

u will sure know....
tat i like spicy food so muchee~

especially  Cartoon Pictures    tOmyAM MeE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


the sour taste n spicy really drive me crazy~~~~

Cartoon Pictures   omg~~~ look at the attractive colour!

i dunno y i like it so muchee~

mayb i like the sour?

now let me introduce the restaurant i like to visit for the tomyam mee

as i m 'penang lang'
ps: means penang citizen'

i hv many chance to eat many delicious food~~~~

most of the delicious food is at the raja uda~

of coz same goes to my favourite tomyam mee~

Tom Yam Noodle & Porridge @ Restoran Joo Heng ~ Raja Uda

I was convinced that u will be returning many more times for this.  And then, to add on, their fried fish fillets of dory fishare really delicious. They will fry it in a huge wok and you can clearly see that its a crowd favorite. whatever marination that they have done, they surely have done an excellent job at making it feel as if we are eating much better fish.
I highly recommend this place and for those who have tried ^.^

Opens daily except Tuedays from 6.30pm-3.00am (Yes you can have late night cravings)
GPS coordinates : 5.436488,100.386001

The stall at the restaurant

Selecting your choice of goodies
Stacks of customers selection all ready for cooking
One of the bowls of Tom Yam noodle

The owner busy preparing
 See the large wok deep frying the fish fillets
 Yum yum, finally our bowl of Tom Yam noodle has arrived
 Tom Yam porridge
 Look at all those fish
 We had the large bowl, on the left, and just to show how it compares to a standard size bowl on the right
 The owners. Keep up the great tasting food ya!

after window watch my favourite mouth-watering tomyam mee..
r u hungry now?????

next, is my turn to introduce the recipe of my favourite tomyam mee.... ><
 actually, cooking tomyam is not as complex as wht u think... It takes just a few minutes to prepare.

You will need the following ingredients to cook Tom Yum soup for 2 people:

Ingredient Amount for 2 person get locally / shipped from Thai
Chicken stock 1 liter (4 standard cups) to buy locally
Lemongrass 2 stalks fresh included in set / dried
Galangal 1 medium size root (70g or 2,5oz) fresh included in set / dried
Кaffir lime leaves 7 leaves fresh included in set / dried
Fish sauce Nam Pla 4 table spoons (60ml) included in set / separately
Thai chili paste 2 table spoons (30ml) included in set / separately
Lime 2 limes to buy locally
Mushrooms 100g or 3,5oz to buy locally
Chili peppers 1 to 5 pieces fresh included in set / dried
Prawns 0,5 kg or 1,1lb to buy locally
Coriander A little to buy locally

First of all you’ll need chicken stock. This can be made from chicken, but you can use Maggi chicken bouillon cubes as well. Normally you’ll need 2 cubes for 1 liter of water.
Bring the stock to boil.

Meanwhile prepare the first set of vegetables. You need to slice the galangal and lemongrass. Then add them to the boiling stock together with the kaffir lime leaves.
Bring stock back to boil.

After that add mushrooms, then fish sauce and chilli paste.

Lastly, remove the shells from the prawns but leave the tails on and put them into the stock. Press the juice out of the limes and add sliced chilli peppers.

As soon as the prawns turn red, add coriander and serve your Tom Yum soup

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