Thursday, 19 April 2012

tAr!aN 1 MaLAySiA~

3 dEcEMBeR 2011

the memories of that day stil very fresh in my mind~ y i say so?????
bcoz we hv to woke up 5 o'clock in the morning

Cartoon Pictures sry for my acting cute~ haha ><

After v were in the bus~ v juz find our seat n continue sleep~
about 7.30am
v reached there

the sky was very dark, right???
after v hd our breakfast..
v waited for the event start~


the dataran merdeka was so crowded  ><


a warm morning to start the event....

still remember???

after v dance for few times...  haha~ very hot day for me

a mini consert was held~
Cartoon Pictures
n my dear sis's admire artist- karen kong oso  sang for us~

 after the event finished~

v waited for 1 hrs..       Cartoon Pictures

 v then go back by chandru's bus~ THX GOD~ finally.............Cartoon Pictures

wht happened after we reached hostel~

guess wht???
say g9 to world loh~~~

Cartoon Pictures
tat's all my memory on tat day~

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